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Slow Session

C F S Celtic Slow Sessions

Questions? Email John Goldsbury.

Information on location, time, and dates of the CFS Celtic Sessions are available via a monthly email distribution. To get added to the email distribution, drop an email to John at the link at the top of the page. The same email will announce both next month's Slow Celtic Session and next month's regular Celtic Session. Now about the Slow Celtic Session...

The Slow Celtic Session at the Charlotte Folk Society is an offshoot of the regular monthly Celtic Session. You can view the web page for that session here. These are informal gatherings of local musicians focusing on Celtic tunes played in the session style. The goal of the Slow Celtic Session is to allow folks to ease into the Celtic tunes with two key constraints: (i) we play slower than at the regular Session (tell me you saw that coming); and (ii) we have a shorter list of tunes so that you will have a good idea what will be played.

"Should I attend?" Yep, if . . .

  • you're a beginner who wants to learn to play Celtic tunes (though we assume you know how to play your instrument);
  • you're not a beginner, but you're new to Celtic tunes and want to ease in;
  • you're not a beginner, but you want a slow pace to work on some techniques;
  • you're conversant in one instrument, but want to dabble in another;
  • any other reason I've forgotten

Our tune list comprises the easier tunes from the regular Celtic Session. We play a selection of Jigs, Hornpipes, Reels, and Waltzes from Ireland, Scotland, and Cape Breton. Our goal is to learn new tunes played in the various styles that have been influenced by Celtic Traditions.

Note! This page has been updated with the new 2014 tune list music resources!

Some simple guidelines for our Slow Sessions:

All acoustic instruments welcome. Fiddles, whistles, flute, bodhrans, bones, hammered dulcimers, accordions, mandolins, octave mandolins, guitars, bass, concertinas, harps, and everything else I've forgotten.

The format follows a relaxed session protocol. Everyone is welcome to suggest tunes. Calling a tune does not obligate you to start it. That way, you can "call" whatever tune you've been working on. We'll figure out how to start/play it.

Music stands and sheet music are fine. When playing in the Asbury Care Center Chapel location (info below), and you need an armless chair it would be a good idea to bring your own. There are plenty of chairs with arms if this is not an issue.

We have a tune list, and we've put many of these together into "Sets" of two or three tunes. "Suggested" settings for our tunes are available below for your convenience. Of course, you can pick one tune from a set, and we can play just that one tune. Other sources for these tunes can be found through the links in the table on the right.

Celtic Music Instruments

The Celtic-lovers among us try to meet one or two times a month in homes. One of those will be a Slow Celtic Session (this page), planned for the 2nd Sunday of the month. The other one will be a regular session (page for that here), probably on a Sunday later in the month. You'll need to get on our super special Celtic Session email list to learn the dates and places, as these will change from one month to the next. To get added to that list, email John Goldsbury.

Slow Celtic Sessions usually run from 2 PM till 5:00 'ish, and are currently held at the Asbury Care Center Chapel in the Aldersgate Retirement Community at 3800 Shamrock Drive in East Charlotte. Come prepared to play a lot!