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Charlotte Folk Society Slow Jams February 8th

Key of G

The goal of the Slow Jam is to have a nurturing environment where those new to jamming can get their feet wet. We've selected a "core" group of common Old Time tunes that you can count on being played. Listed below, if you become familiar with these you'll be in good shape to join us for an hour of casual slow playing just prior to the regular monthly Mint Hill Jam!

There are a lot of tunes here, that's so we can have some variety. Each month we begin with a different key; playing the tunes in one key always seems to fill the time and lets those that play in specific tunings the freedom to set up in advance and stay there all evening. We'll go through these in the order listed below. For beginners who might think this is too many to learn completely, the tunes at the top of each list are the easiest. The mp3 and midi samples, and the music/chords, are offered only as examples for those who need them. If you know a different version, as long as we're in the same key that should be fine.

Slow Jam at Great Aunt Stella Center

Slow Jam at the Great Aunt Stella Center
following a Friday Evening concert

On all months except December (Christmas Potluck) and those with Member Showcase Gatherings, after each Monthly Concert, we'll have a Slow Jam (see menu button to the left for Monthly Gathering dates and information). Led by fiddler Alan Davis, the Slow Jam will meet up on the third floor of the Great Aunt Stella Center in the "Board Room" where we'll play for about an hour. Lately, for those who like to play early, we've also been meeting around 6 PM before the concert in the same room.

And there's a Second opportunity for some Old Time Instrumental Gentle Jamming!

Jamming in the Old Schoolhouse
Jamming in the Old Schoolhouse

Saturdays are made for playing music! Every weekend (excepting from Thanksgiving to New Years when the Museum is hosting other events) come on down to the Carl J. McEwen Historic Village located near downtown Mint Hill, North Carolina. There musicians gather for a "Gentle Jam" featuring Old Time tunes and the occasional song. This jam starts around 10:00 AM and runs till noon, or longer if we're having too much fun! We'll meet either under the Gazebo / Bandstand behind the Ashcraft One Room Schoolhouse building or in the schoolhouse if the weather isn't favorable. The format will be Round Robin, where each person gets to suggest tunes to play. You can either start the tune yourself or the leader will gladly step in. You can read all about this jam on this page: Mint Hill Old Time Jam.

Just so ya know, in keeping with the historical and compact nature of this gorgeous restored schoolhouse facility, the setting is not ideal for pets, amplified instruments, or unattended children.

In addition to the tunes presented on this page, some general resources to visit are:

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